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Buying a Congregation membership isn’t just a fashion statement. This exclusive club is so much more than just a T-shirt purchase. It’s access to deals, products and other VIP experiences. Buy your annual membership T-shirt today. Start living like a VIP with the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey tomorrow.

When we wrap up harvest, we have a good idea of how good each wine will taste down the road when its release. Each fall, we’ll send Congregation members tasting notes of some of our future releases, offering the sale of futures (at a great price). Not only will you be able to purchase regular sized bottles in advance, we will also offer a variety of large format futures orders too.

This is the only way to get magnums, double magnums and even larger bottles from the Winery.

Whether its a visit to the tasting room, attendance at one of our many vineyard parties or while attending an event at a restaurant in Denver or somewhere else, Congregation members who flash their badges will receive special treatment. This can include access to VIP areas at winery events or discounts at partner tastings.
Can’t make it to the winery? We’ll ship wine direct to you (certain geographical restrictions apply). Any time you spend more than $125, the shipping is on us. We give you the convenience of receiving our award-winning wines at your doorstep — for no extra charge.
This stylish club T-shirt is just the beginning. Congregation members receive 10% off all non-wine related merchandise. All the time.
We love to partner with restaurants, cheese shops, retailers and more, offering great deals for Congregation members throughout Colorado.

Purchase Your Membership Today