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Monastery Turned Winery is Turning Heads in Cañon City

Story Pitch: Monastery Turned Winery is Turning Heads in Cañon City

It’s not every day you discover a Gothic Revival monastery turned winery, especially in the Rocky Mountains. But, that’s just what you’ll find at the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey in Cañon City, Colorado—a winery as unique as the people who founded it and the region in which it resides.

Sitting on over 200 gorgeous acres and set against the stunning backdrop of the Royal Gorge Region, the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey continues a tradition began by Benedictine monks in the 1920s.

Today, the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey not only wins award after award for its wines, but it also receives accolades such as “Winery of the Year” by the Colorado Association of Viticulture and Enology (CAVE) for its achievements and support of the Colorado wine industry.

For employees of the winery and their guests, the Abbey is much more than its wines. While sitting on the patio and tasting a flight of reds and whites, it’s easy to feel the building’s rich history and to fall in love with a region steeped in breathtaking scenery, warm sunshine, and exhilarating attractions.

Colorado wines are finally being recognized for their high-quality and unique flavors. We invite you to feature one of Colorado’s favorite wineries located in the Centennial state’s fastest-growing regions.

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